Wednesday, March 4, 2009

this is how a head aches

i got home around 7.30 is didnt study AT ALL it is now 12:10 and there is nuthin accomlpished my head is poundingggg. today in creative writing memoir got shredded by "constructive criticsim" hmmm i suppsodly did too much telling not enuff showingg.
well that was pleasant to experie nce each student goes around and give comments on how good/bad it is makes me feel valubale
i need ur opinions i really wanna transfer to NYU it was my dream school since high school, but i was too cowardly to apply. howver im at CUNY Hunter school dat was ranked number 8 by proceton reivew for best value public colleges so it is a good school and it has a good reppp bblah blahhh and its also wayy cheaper than nyu alot cheaper since it is a public universityyy
sooo idk should i go to a school cant afford therfore will open up shitload of loanss and will be in soo much debt annd grad school will add on to dat espeically since i wanna go to med school which is expensiveee hmm so its like dream school and be in debt....or just nreg good school and save money??? trust me its not as obvious as it may seem...

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