Monday, April 27, 2009

coming attractions

updates of art work past and present coming soon. naked ppl, a portrait of kurt vonnegut, and more.
pictures of advertisments for my blog, and justine' in multiplesss, eeyore with a cloud over his head,art gallery-ness
&&&&&& more
coming soon

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just one quickie please??

Before I emerge my self in a realm of acrylic paints and synthetic yet expensive paintbrushes to do a still life that I was suppose to do over the sping break. I yet find myself doing it the night before, as usual.
things dont change, and sometime people dont either, maybe just their habits...
A s I took the subway back home from school today I realized how we all become some sort of exotic dancer once we touch the over germed and booger stained pole of a careless nose picker. We sway our bodies left to right with each bump and wobble the subway car makes, sometimes we hold the pole with one hand, grasping tight swirling our bodies aroundd the pole, and on some rare occasions we even fall down on the gentlemen sitting down, the body of a passenger in his lap, looking down at her/him wanting to touch but its forbidden, so he just stares and laughs it off. "my own personal lapdance" he thinks, and this time his wife cant bitch about it, hey it was an "accident. Then we laughs it off saying "excuse me HAHA I'm soo sorry,thats embarassing!' Just like the newcomer we are. But after awhile falling on more people on different days and months its not as emabrassing, its commonplace. We look at the passengers reddend face and move on, and think " Fucking douche bag, even didnt think to tip me."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brooklyn We go Hard

this videoo is soo funny like l.o.b to the 5601021 power. listen to the blonde chickk fkn stupid responsesss i believe this is a parody of modern bkyln ,but what evs my fav quotes from this is
"idk abt bkyn but I know i go hard everytime the salvation army has a sale."
"i bought this arab money scarf with my american dollers."
and " i know i go hard, thats why sometome I wish my pants werent soo tight.'

Friday, April 17, 2009

Brooklyn Beauties

Killa J
The art of Willy-B
The L train

OnlyIn Williamsburg can you find art on the sidewalk made out of gum.

yesterday was amazing i was delighted to go to woodside/sunnyside.Justine thought that was silly of me. lol butt it was amazing stray vintage was great. finally go to see what all the talk was about. i bouught an I heart queens tote bag and an Sunnsyside tee with an owl on ittt.Im too lazy to post picss so fk it So then me justine and lolo went to williamsburg went to beacons's closet and it was kind of a letdown pretty much overrated. i didnt fina anything that i mite evn be interested in hmph. Stray vintagee was soo much betta.
Willamsburg was soo muchhhh funnnn i loveeed it. hmmm can i say loft anyone. hint hint justine and lolo :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

now listen up

so recently i have been finding myself listening to Lelia Broussard on youtubee like ayyeedayy

she's amazingggggggggg.we need more singers like this on the radio fuh real fuh real.So i decided to post a bunch of my fav vid soo u ppl can listen.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sammy's made a wonderful ink drawing.I think he made the face in his head,not by looking at someoneeee or a magazine.completly random I belive, but its beautiful.^
Steven's bleeding eye and in the back is Leiya's work^
My two abstract pieces. Im going to contine using this medium.I used a necklace to "paint" with.It gave me alot of freedom with my strokes.I like that.^

My work again.just taken in black and white.^

Claudia did an amazing job.I love her strokes and the power in all 4 of her pieces.quite lovely.^

Steven's eye.I think he made this one too.I'm not sure. ^

My ink art.the big one is abstract,the smaller one is a body.other is also abstract .^

I have been slacakin on my blogger duties and shame on me!!!
today starts the first day of SPRING BREAKKK!!!! woohooo, but all of my proff's decided to
give me hw oBoldver the breakk.these ppl just keep fkn with me I tell ya.

Today by far was one of my most favorite days in my sculpture class. My favorite section of my art class was the painting ,but today in sculpture we made a pseudo ink out of acrylic paint. All you have to do is add H2O to the paint then VOILA!! Later in class Justine decided to slap me with her long ass hair while we were critiquing lol, I did start the fight bc i slapped her with my long ass scarf ,but oh well.The proff found out and she joked about it lmaoo.After art class today justine ( and andrew decided to go on the rooftop and have a photoshoot.


im suprise we didnt get caught. im not exactly sure if students are allowerd up there but it was amazing, and oh my gosh what a view of the city. after the "photoshoot" justine decided to take more pics in the art room where she exploited me and my scare of heights.BETCH.


I'm blogspot illeterate and I would like to post the ink pics right by the paragraph that talks abt them ,but i can't add pics in the middle then continue writing,well I dont know how anyway so ima just post them with it.hehe.I gave credit to all of my fellow art students so no one try to start shit lol.ooohh
and justine and lolo don't get mad or offended at me bc I didn post the your pics her.I didnt have time to photgraph them all, but i think they were lovely though. :-)