Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just one quickie please??

Before I emerge my self in a realm of acrylic paints and synthetic yet expensive paintbrushes to do a still life that I was suppose to do over the sping break. I yet find myself doing it the night before, as usual.
things dont change, and sometime people dont either, maybe just their habits...
A s I took the subway back home from school today I realized how we all become some sort of exotic dancer once we touch the over germed and booger stained pole of a careless nose picker. We sway our bodies left to right with each bump and wobble the subway car makes, sometimes we hold the pole with one hand, grasping tight swirling our bodies aroundd the pole, and on some rare occasions we even fall down on the gentlemen sitting down, the body of a passenger in his lap, looking down at her/him wanting to touch but its forbidden, so he just stares and laughs it off. "my own personal lapdance" he thinks, and this time his wife cant bitch about it, hey it was an "accident. Then we laughs it off saying "excuse me HAHA I'm soo sorry,thats embarassing!' Just like the newcomer we are. But after awhile falling on more people on different days and months its not as emabrassing, its commonplace. We look at the passengers reddend face and move on, and think " Fucking douche bag, even didnt think to tip me."

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