Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pick and you shall recieve

Ok so I have alot of motley vids I wanna show you guys but, I dont wanna drown you guys in it (I will later though haha) but I do feel the need to write so Ima give you all a chance to pick a line from the following and from there I will write an elaborate short story on it ok? So these sentences are gonna be random not thought out at all so here we go.....

  1. "Dude be quiet we cant let them hear us,because if they do its going to be over."
  2. She sat there in the spotlight, her makeup smudged and blood oozing down her face."This is what they call life" she said.
  3. He never believed in stuff like that.For Paul religion was just a masquerade for the weak. Those who needed something to believe in for why their lives are so shitty, so they just say "It's in Gods hands."
  4. I imagine this is what falling in love would sound like.
  5. "Those are some lovely lines I wouldnt mind if I take somemyself" Lena said.



pick one of the above and I will write a mini story on it. Hopefully you wil enjoy it. Im no Plath or Woolfe nor will I ever try to be or do I wanna be anyway, but I thought this would be fun and something new to add to my bloggity blog.



Monday, December 21, 2009

whats really good?!?!?!


its been forevr since I been on this bitch, I've been hella busy with school and shiz but now im on winter vacation I can resume to blog :) Ive been getting alot of ppl telling me to blog again and I dont want an angry audience,no buena.
so my inner Cruehead has been growing alot lately, been jamming to them like everyday. Mick Mars in particular caught my cat eye. He is the quiet and weird guitar player(who is very underatted btw he should be up there with slash and hendrix no lie & I'm not the only Cruehead to say this) so to prove my point Ima show you how good my boy is :) This is his solo from Merry Go Round one of My fav Motley Crue songs :)))

ohh and he is also the hottest guy ever he is the 3rd one with the long hair and beer can my kinda guy :)) Unfortunatly he suffers from A.S. a degenerative bone disease the pic below is when he was younger .He can no longer move his neck from left to right ,it has left him stiff. But, he is still playing music and has been touring with Motley for Cruefest which I will save money and go to one of these fkn days.

ohh and watch this video fast foward to 2:00 u get to hear more guitar playing hear his voice which I find soothing for some reason and at the end he makes a wierd joke and has the most cutest laugh lol

damn I sound like a groupie
thank god I wasnt around it the 80's....