Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pick and you shall recieve

Ok so I have alot of motley vids I wanna show you guys but, I dont wanna drown you guys in it (I will later though haha) but I do feel the need to write so Ima give you all a chance to pick a line from the following and from there I will write an elaborate short story on it ok? So these sentences are gonna be random not thought out at all so here we go.....

  1. "Dude be quiet we cant let them hear us,because if they do its going to be over."
  2. She sat there in the spotlight, her makeup smudged and blood oozing down her face."This is what they call life" she said.
  3. He never believed in stuff like that.For Paul religion was just a masquerade for the weak. Those who needed something to believe in for why their lives are so shitty, so they just say "It's in Gods hands."
  4. I imagine this is what falling in love would sound like.
  5. "Those are some lovely lines I wouldnt mind if I take somemyself" Lena said.



pick one of the above and I will write a mini story on it. Hopefully you wil enjoy it. Im no Plath or Woolfe nor will I ever try to be or do I wanna be anyway, but I thought this would be fun and something new to add to my bloggity blog.




  1. Haha this is awesome. I LOVE stuff like this. I will definitely read whatever you write. Your writing is great. It was either between 1 or 2..but I choose 2 in the end. That sounds like a pretty interesting story to create. I'm so happy you are writing.

  2. thx Lolo I for one hate my writng but thx hunnie