Saturday, October 17, 2009


In New York I feel that if you are single you are no longer valuable. I now know what Carrie Bradshaw felt like. Being in NYC I feel that if you are a single gal you are looked upon as if you just robbed a bank! But, I f you are premed, you dont havet time for dating.One of my best friends,Louisa told me that "If you are premed, yor never going to date and your gonna be a virgin forever,but its gonna be worth it when you make more money then your friends who were dating and hooking up with pppl will ever have,we put in the effort." While I find this to be very funny, it is also true.Unless you are premed you will never know the sacrifices we have to do, you will NEVER know unless you lived it,I can tell you but, unless you lived it you don't and will never know.

With that said I don't even know if I'm the dating type. I can't picture myself calling someone everyday or holding hands and being all affectionate.I cant really picture myself seriously caring for someone besides myself.Like what is the point of having a boyfriend?Sex?Friendship?Companion? You don't need a bf to have sex, there is Boldalways the random hookup or evn toys lmao ;) I don't need a bf be my friend because I have my girls and my gays as friends and for companionship there is always cats:) I HATE when people ask "So where's the boyriend?" "Hows the love life?" Is it REQUIRED to have a boyfriend past a certain age? Did I miss that memo?

Or perhaps my standards are too HIGH, but shouldn't yours too? I don't know why we settle.Because I never settle. its either what I want or its nothing, I'm not gonna settle for anything less. I don't know why we must sell ourselves short.

But, with this being said I still become jealous when I hear about my friends and their social lives and dating lives. But, as my dear friend Lolo once told me"If one of my friends were to get pregnant, I'm not so sure If I would still be jealous of them?"

Next post, Perhaps I will show you guys my list of standards,be ready to read for hours HAHA!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I found a Jewel

So LOVE LOVE Jewel, Her music is so powerful I mean you have to listen to the lyrics and the meaning behind her songs.All of her songs I believe are actual life experiences. I highly recommend you all to listen to her first album 'Pieces of You'

If I can write songs and/or play guitar like she does I can say I accomplished a major goal in my life.

Anywho Ima post these two videos from her 'Pieces of You' album.Lets play a little game: Tell me what you think these songs are about otherwise their meanings and since Im a major Jewel fan I might know the meaning if not then go to google, but dont go to google until you make a guess on your own :) But living in a world Of Lady Gaga's we sometimes forget real song writing, thank God atleast we have Adele
This song is very powerful prepare to get some tissue because It might make you cry once you know what it is about:(

listen to the lyrics again ppl!!!! TITLE:MEMOIRS OF A HOUSEWIFE