Friday, April 17, 2009

Brooklyn Beauties

Killa J
The art of Willy-B
The L train

OnlyIn Williamsburg can you find art on the sidewalk made out of gum.

yesterday was amazing i was delighted to go to woodside/sunnyside.Justine thought that was silly of me. lol butt it was amazing stray vintage was great. finally go to see what all the talk was about. i bouught an I heart queens tote bag and an Sunnsyside tee with an owl on ittt.Im too lazy to post picss so fk it So then me justine and lolo went to williamsburg went to beacons's closet and it was kind of a letdown pretty much overrated. i didnt fina anything that i mite evn be interested in hmph. Stray vintagee was soo much betta.
Willamsburg was soo muchhhh funnnn i loveeed it. hmmm can i say loft anyone. hint hint justine and lolo :)


  1. Remember that weird asian girl playing the kazoo and that black girl singing while another asian girl was recording the whole thing? weird people, huh? LMAO

  2. LMFAOO yea who were those ppl...fkn weirdosssss..........