Sunday, May 24, 2009

the fortune you seek

I'm eating Friendly's watermelon shebert that I bought from my job on sale 2 for 5 ice cream. My body is covered in my old blanket I had for years and my bed is overdosed with teddy:bears,rabbits,monkey,tigers and oh yes Garfield and Ernie from Sesame street. My mom has no problem with all of these men sleeping in my bed. Excuse me the bear is a girl. In my room I hear the roar of the fan making its prescence be known,it is loud but silent. Theres AC everywhere in my house except for my room. I get the decade old fan (exxgeration) I have to study over the summer break. To prepare myself for Fall semester's premed maddness. Sara Bareilles's song Vegas is stuck in my head and the lines "But I'd hate to lose you to the fortune you seek." is on repeat in my mind.

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