Friday, July 3, 2009

NYC Prep

( From the left: Kelli, Sebastian, Camille,PC,Jessi and Taylor)

ok I am totez in love with NYC Prep on Bravo! It is a new reality show about 5 Upper East Side rich kids who go to the top prep schools in The upper east/west side. My favorite is PC a senior who is never afraid to speak his mind . I also like Kelli,Camille and Taylor. Jessie is ok so is Sebastian. He thinks he is a player and he like to hookup with multiple girls a night( "hooking up" for him is kissing a making out) at the end of the day he still is a kid who really doesnt know what he is talking about. He makes it appear as if he is having sex with 5-6 girls a night ,but I doubt it.Taylor is a sweetie she lives on the Upper West Side but she doesnt go to a prep school. She attends a very competitive publice high school whic is very hard tlo get into. The reason I connect with this show more than Laguna Beach, The Hills or any rich and young show is because NYC Prep is about who live in the same vicinty as my school. I go to school in the Uppeer East Side and I see this life everyday. I go to the Food Emporuium and I see all of these Park Avenue Princess types. Therefore this show is kinda more"real" to me and I can appreciate it more.

Any way I'm abso OBSESSED with this show ,you can say I'm in love. Im so jealous of them, I would LOVE to have this life.Being able to buy your way into and Ivy school, going top exclusive parties dressed in the latest Chanel meeting celebs going to hot clubs no need for i.d. and having a personal driver. FABURIFFIC!!

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