Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Fashion

My style is changing. Me and my friend Justine talked about how we evolved throughout the year. At first I was a very calm and "artsy" type and though she is still there Im becoming more "bolder" and Ive been digging things with this ol school NY/L.A. "rock and roll" edge. type vibe.(I'm putting these labels in ""because I dont like to use labels:] but, how else am I going to describe what I'm talking about haha)

So today I thought I will show you some outfit ideas I've been into lately.Since I been doing the youtube beauty vids I think I should also make my blog about beauty as well.But, dont worry there will still be music and my random thoughts in my blog too:)

Ok so I know this shoe isnt conventional and I know most ppl will find a fashion faux pas but Im a SUCKER for floral prints.And I think I will be able to pull it off also I think once you wear a pair of dark skinnies it will bemore toned down and it will look more "vintage-ey"

Retails at topshop for a hefty $70

This is another floral print I adore! I wouldnt wear it with the floralboots but I wanna show you guys anywayu because its soo cute to me!!Another topshop item Retails at $70. Its a very sweeet dress curl your hair up and wear a cardigan you will look like a cute romantic French girl :)

So I wanted to keep this one short because its my first fashion blogger post.So I Hope this gave you guys some ideas for the spring.
Bok Choy and Enjoy


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  2. Yes I wanna def try them on and see them in person!!

    and thx on the layout I wannted to do something for spring<3