Monday, June 7, 2010


ok so I know I've been ranting and raving about how much fun I'm having on tumblr on blog spot nonetheless. I been so inspired by this blog called fuckyeahcitylights and the photos on that blog that I finally decided to get a camera!! My first digi-cam that I had SINCE 2003 BROKE!! Which is ok bc I definitely got my moneys worth. But, man did I have a whole lot of memories on that thing even though it was only 3.2 MP which at that time digi cams were just starting out and that was a big deal for me at that time. And just like your first car despite how shitty it might be dents and all, it will always be your baby because of all the memories you shared with it.Same goes for my Kodak Easyshare 3.2 MP digital camera. I'm going to miss that bad boy...

As some of you may now I always wanted to dabble in photography and more than ever I think I need it as an outlet thanks to a major somewhat traumatic experience that has happened to me a few weeks after school has ended. I want to just take pics to know that there is STILL some beauty left in this world. Now I'm not going to go out and buy some $4000 DSLR, because I don't want something too professional ,nor something too amature. SO these are my runners up I guess or ones I'm thinking of I'm going to be ordering from either walmart,kmart or best nothing too fancy, i just want a camera to follow me like a sketchbook and to be my therapist bc I need it now.




I heard some bad things about Figi Film is it true?

i LOVE the price on this one lol!!^^


What option should I chose??

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