Thursday, February 26, 2009

loose lips steady hips

It has been awhile so let me catch you up. School has beeen a pain like always but its a good pain im enjoying . im soo happy im back into art i feel like a ripe fruit. im meet amazingg ppl there to especially killa J hehehe hehe (up yours) shes soo funny and intelligent nice to meet someone as awkward as me . makes it seem more commonplace. life is being nice to me a good friend for the most part. i excluded all the negatives out of my life and all.
im also enjoying the crisp linen scent of the air. The crispness is very seductive and quite my plans so far is to write m fairy tale rough draft,study for my upcoming media midterm,do my weekly art assignments and my weekly creative writing one page writing assigmnent. As for schoolwork i am more full than an contestant at a hotog eating contest.


  1. You should name your first painting "loose lips and steady hips" btw