Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have aquired the tasty infection of pink eye. Fkn NYC public trasnprtation is the epicenter for germs.I srsly think we should run the bio labs there in stead of in school. I woke up to see this olive colored creen goo on my eye. i felt unatractivve and more disguistin than nrmal.My throat began and still is swellin up. the sofest thing is a task for me to swollow. i feel mucus deep inside of me anxious to be released.the pink eye is gone but my throat however is killling me.AnywhoozerzI cant belive all i lost during the semester and before the semester. i feel as if im a new born baby gettin a fresh new start. its kinda refereshing to start over again yet its kinda tuff to realize what u lost but when i think abt it i didnt lose much besides drama . my trust issue is going to be the reasion to why i willl end up alone and miserble. no one can be trusted i love my mom LOVEEE HERR but even with her i still feel like there is some trust missing the whole forgive and forget thing doesnt mean shit to mee i dont forgive and hell fkn no do i forget ooh hell noooo but for my new friends i am completly grateful. My new art class reminded me on what ive been missing, to meet ppl who arent so judgemental abt grades and arent so fkn competitive. granted some of the kids can be pretentious but pretension is allowed in art. unlike in premed when there is no such thiing as doesnt take any talent to open up a textbooo until you forced yourself to attain all of the tedious fomulas they have to offer in art however .. you just kinda know If you have a "talent" per se u can see it ppl can see cant see intelligence and there is no proof that u are as smart as u think u are .in art ppl can see your talent so therefore pretention in the art world is more allowed.but all things in moderation...

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  1. A new start is always good. Think about a blank canvas - go and create something wonderful! =]

    Oh and you will! <3