Tuesday, June 23, 2009

change of plans

Ima marry rich. One day as i stroll along the Upper East Side on my way to class, I'ma run into one of the cast members from NYC Prep and its gonna be all set from there. I will drop outta college and instead of going to class, I'll go to Bergdorf's. Instead of shitty vendor food or caferteria shit, I wil be devouring the best foods of 4 star restaurants. Drive?Suway?Bus/ NAHH! I will have a personal driver to push the whip for me. Life would be grand. I would no longer be in a situation of I wanna be an artist but premed is a secure option. Money would be out the question I would'nt need to major in something to have a secure future, I can do what I want whenever I want.


But, the inner feminist in me won't allow myself to act like that. We're from opposite worlds anyway. I want love and drunken eyes. I want to have the balls if you will, to be the one to ask for the prenup NOT the guy. I want to pay for the dates to feel independent and even emasculate him, but that would be unintenional but yea its a perk of it all. And if he ever cheated on me I want to be able to not have to worry abt finances and how Ima survive without him


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