Tuesday, June 2, 2009

epic fail

All we need as humans I believe is an epic fail. No, failing your road test doesnt count. By this I mean to fail at something that you invested so much time in. Something that you probably wouldve done for the rest of your life or perhaps someone that wouldve been in your life forever, but things didnt work out. The epic fail allows us to move on to become fearless individuals. Besides after losing something/someone that meant so much to you, you later become immune to any form of hurt. You lost what meant the most to you so as so you establish this "Fuck you pay me" attitude towards life. If you pass a class you pass it if you dont you dont. If things dont work out with your new siginifcant other, oh well I felt this before shit happens I can move on, I been through this before, Im still alive still strong. Once you hit "rock bottom" or lost a dream that meant the world to you, sooner or later you will just not care as much,this epic fail which at the time probably felt severe and terminal, can actually be a blessing. I experienced the epic fail. At first I was crushed which is natural and kept my wall up which is still there sad to say. But as time passes I became more relaxed and enjoyed life for what it is no expectations no nothing. And the outcome was fantastic . Everything went according to "plan" because you know why there was no plan,therefore no expections=no lost.
basically once you have reached the epic fail in your life,and you realize that somethings are meant to happen is when you finally get to enjoy things for what they are,which is just wondeful
So epic fail this is to you

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  1. I have seen a lot of epic fails from internet that have made me laugh so much for the out of mind things that I have seen.