Tuesday, August 25, 2009

blog commitment?

I feel like I havent been a "steady" blogger or as someone likes to state "what happened to my blogger commitment?

A few months ago around the start of my summer vacation me and my bestie went back to the good ol high school for this art alumni show. All the AP Art kids came back to show their art and what they are doing in their career art wise. And let me tell you they all look the same I really hoped someone showed up with a really bad nose job, ya know to keep the conversation flowing. As the night got older I realized how much I miss high school, but as soon as I felt that nostalgic feeling some annoyin 15 year old made me glad I did'nt have to deal with their squeaky prepubscent voices any more.

Me and Stephanie and some other high school friends sneaked into one of the old art rooms. We went to the 'loft' upstairs in the room which was a studio where all the AP kids kept their art and chilled.I had my camera and I captured. My hands desired to be dusty by charcoal again.