Wednesday, August 12, 2009

No more 'Prep'

Sassy ladies from the left (Taylor aka "the public school one", Kelli! and Camille)
So NYC Prep ended last night. The season finale was everything I wanted and more. Jessie's Operation Smile event was a major success. Camille meet up with Jessie to discuss her future with Operation Smile. Jessie wasnt having it she totally dissed Camille telling her that "there is the Facebook group she should joined" umm HELLO DUH!! PC got his acceptance letter for Occidental College in LA. and what is even more shocking is that PC actually showed an ounce of humility when he apologized to fashion designer Carmen Marc Volvo, about bringing his "downtown vampire" entourage to his show, which could've put Jessie's internship with the designer in jeopardy. Even the pseudo player Sebastian decided to have his own charity event. It was about giving portable and clean drinking water to people in Africa, kudos Sebastian Kudos.However he went back to his wannabe player ways b y stating "its also good because girls like that kinda stuff" or somethinbg along those lines like that.At Sebastian's event he offered Kelli (oops i forgot its Kelli!) a chance to sing at the event since she is an aspiring singer, and surprisingly she does have a good voice, a little nasally at time , but hey she's only 17.
For what it wads NYC Prep will never be forgotten, Atleast for me anyway. It took the viewers to a place where you have to trade your eyeballs for diamonds to really see.

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